4 comments on “Bloggers who Win! My Shelf Confessions

  1. Great interview! I think it is amazing that you post so much and it is mostly reviews and discussions and unique content. I co-blog and we usually only post 1-2 review a week. Do both of you have full time jobs or is blogging/reading your full time job? hehe :) We’ve only been blogging since April though so we might still have a lot to learn to organize our time and post more awesome stuff.

    • Amazingly enough I have a full time job (Tabitha the Pabkins from My Shelf Confessions here in case you’re wondering where this very late comment is coming from). April does not work. I read voraciously and pretty fast…I also don’t sleep as much as I should because I spend that time reading. Yes, a lot of it is time management. April and I work together so well and we pre-format alot of our posts and then plus in everything we need as much ahead of time as we can. It’s always good to have reviews written ahead of time and to also have extra reviews you have written standing and waiting in the wings for those days when you didn’t get something done in time.

      Also, if you start having a conversation with your buddy on booky topics well then type it out for a discussion post! If you are talking about it with someone its likely going to be something that others would want to chime in about also!

      As for author guest posts and interviews. The more professional your blog looks, the more quality content you generate and as you gather more of a following publishers and authors will be so much more willing to do author interviews and original guest posts for you to feature on your site. Just keep plugging along and do what you can.

      It IS a lot of work but we don’t really see it as work since it’s something we both love doing. It helps to be able to type upwards of 100 words per minute too. Makes everything go by so much faster! LOL. And be sure to visit other bloggers to see what works and doesn’t work for you. If something doesn’t appeal to you then it’s likely that it wouldn’t appeal to others either on your own blog. We keep our layout simple and clean because we want the content we write to speak for us. I do sometimes envy those blogs with beautiful graphics. But ultimately I think we have been happier without all that bling. I hope you’ll stop by and visit us!

      AND THANK YOU ANDREA for having us!!

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