2 comments on “Bloggers Who Win: Odd Engine

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  2. Good interview. I too started reviewing books with a lot of catching up to do on genre fiction. Interesting comment about not being a completest. With trying to keep up on reading a reviewing new titles, it’s hard to include in the reading schedule prior books in a series. How do you try and balance keeping up with new releases with catching up on first books in series and classics?

    It sounds like you have some unique features on your blog, nice work. Are you still an aspiring author? Does that affect how you run your site?

    Also, a recent blog post by T.C. McCarthy says how the “awful SF market” has influenced his decision to move from his next SF series to writing YA (tragic in my mind). I’m curious how we as book reviewers and bloggers can help grow SF’s readership (you mentioned how most of your friends don’t read SF).

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