What is this?

Two book bloggers started this website as our way to help support the independent book industry.

We have witnessed the power of reader-to-reader recommendations. We are both book bloggers. You can find either of us blowing the dust off of mouldy tomes in the bottom back shelves of book stores.

Hey! we both thought one day. I wonder if these bookstores can utilize our book reviews from our blogs to sell books?

Eh? Good idea, huh?

So, here’s how it works, sort of. This is all a work in progress so let us know if you have any super ideas.

First, we’re limiting this to Science Fiction and Fantasy. It’s going to be a crap-ton of work and so we get to make that call. SF is our love. SF is still our love, this is still a crapton of work, but now we’re open to ALL genres of Fiction! How awesome is that?

If you have a book blog, and one or a few of your reviews are specific to a title, contain “blurb-able” material (a sentence or two), and you would like to participate, go check out the I’m a Book Blogger tab up top.

If you are a book store owner, and would like to use READER reviews to promote the books in your shop, take a look at our ever growing list of books that we have blurbs for, and the information in the I’m a Book Store tab.

What we foresee this being is a massively huge index of Science Fiction and Fantasy book blogger reviews.

Got a question? Got a suggestion? E-mail us at bookstorebloggerconxn AT gmail DOT com. Help us spread the work, we ARE open to guest posts, interviews, all that wonderful interwebby stuff. Follow us on twitter @BSBBConxn, or use the “follow” button in the right sidebar.

-Andrea and Elizabeth

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14 comments on “What is this?

  1. Oh my god, I’m pumped. This is awesome, and I’m now going to spend my weekend (which I should use to catch up on work xD) taking blurbs from all my reviews and submitting them (since I’m a sci-fi fantasy book blogger :D). Also do you want us to go to our fav book stores and tell the owner about this cool site or not yet? Also also if you need extra help… I’m sure some of us out here could find some time ;-)

  2. Also random thought after I posted: Why stop at book stores? Libraries are one of my fav places too and would probably love to use this as well!

  3. I’m glad I discovered this site. With all the social networking the Web can offer, why not link up bookstores, blogs, and book readers? And given my blog, I love that you guys want to focus on SF&F. Those genres need more love!

  4. I am so excited about this! SciFi/Fantasy is my favorite genre to read and write about!
    I am not a blogger myself (I am working on a novel right now), but I am excited to see what ‘”blurb-able” material’ comes out of all of this. I am always on the hunt for great books and topics of discussion for my book club so this will be an amazing journey!
    I am willing to help in any way possible, and I will definitely spread the word!

  5. What a great idea! As a book blogger and someone who works at an independent bookstore I’m shocked that I didn’t find this sooner! This is awesome and I’ll totally submit some blurbs!

    • we’re specific to Indie Bookstores, the shelf talkers and materials I provide to bookstores isn’t available to the big corporate places like Barnes and Noble or Books a Million.

      Ideally I’m looking to promote books that are available in print and that an independently owned bookstore would carry. review blurbs from Indie authors, small press, audio fiction, and e-books are fine and welcome, they just may not be used as quickly as books from the bigger publishers.

      If you’ve written a review that may help sell the book, I want to hear from you! :D

      • Ok cool. I was asking because my local indie bookstores sell popular books, regardless of whether they are indie/small press published or not. So it sounds like we can submit any of our review blurbs and indie bookstores can use them for their benefit.

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