I’m a Book Blogger!

Hello fellow book blogger! You’re already promoting your favorite books on your blog, on your twitter, on your facebook, and now you can help more people read more of your favorites by making sure your book blurbs get into the hands of independent bookstores.

Currently we are focusing only on science fiction and fantasy, so even if you review in all genres,  we ask that you only submit for books that would fall under science fiction / fantasy genres. We’re now open to all genres of fiction! Yay! Use the pulldown menu below to choose the genre that you think best fits the title.

Not sure which genre category best fits your book? Don’t worry, choose the one you think best fits, it’ll get figured out just fine.

A great book blurb can be anything from a few words to a few sentences that describe your positive feelings towards a title or its author.  Blurbs are short, sweet, and get your point across. Check out the backs of some of your favorite books for examples. Use the below form to submit your information. You will need to submit each blurb separately. I reserve the right to edit your blurb for space or adult language. If you give me an entire paragraph, due to space constraints I may only be able to use one or two sentences or phrases. Check out this blog post for some tips on blurbs and some great examples.

By submitting a book blurb, you are giving us permission to share the name of your blog, your url, and your blurb with independent bookstores (we do not share your e-mail address or your name).

Pretty neat, right?

Don’t worry, your information is safe with us! We will never ever share your contact information with any third parties, but we will add you to our list of super awesome participating bloggers.

Check out the blogroll to the right to see bloggers who have submitted blurbs to us.

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